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BGCI Tools and Resources

Here you will find BGCI produced learning modules, our biannual journals (BGjournal and Roots), and browse through our full set of publications that cover our work in policy, plant conservation and public engagement.

  • UK Food Sustainability Challenge Case Studies

    Public Engagement / Publication / English
  • Dipterocarpaceae Conservation Horticulture Learning Modules

    Tree Conservation, Conservation Horticulture, Plant Conservation / E-learning module / English
  • Toward the Metacollection

    Plant Conservation / Publication / English
    Coordinating conservation collections to safeguard plant diversity
  • LearnToEngage Module Resources

    Public Engagement / E-learning module / English
  • BGCI's PlantSnap Initiative

    Services for Botanic Gardens / Publication, Tool / English
  • ABS Learning Package

    Policy and Advocacy / E-learning module, Tool / English
  • External ABS Information and Tools

    Policy and Advocacy / Publication / English
  • PlantSearch Upload Instructions

    Seed Conservation, Services for Botanic Gardens, Plant Conservation / Video, Tool / English, Spanish
  • Global Seed Conservation Challenge Learning Module Quizzes

    Seed Conservation / Quiz / English, Spanish, French
  • Access and Benefit-Sharing Learning Module Quizzes

    Policy and Advocacy / Quiz / English, Spanish, French, Chinese