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BGCI Tools and Resources

Here you will find BGCI produced learning modules, our biannual journals (BGjournal and Roots), and browse through our full set of publications that cover our work in policy, plant conservation and public engagement.

  • Global Seed Conservation Challenge Advanced Learning Modules

    Seed Conservation / E-learning module, Video / English, French
  • Global Seed Conservation Challenge Publicity Resources

    Seed Conservation / Tool / English
  • Interpretation - Energy Plant Signs

    Public Engagement / Tool / English
  • European Code of Conduct for Botanic Gardens on Invasive Species

    Services for Botanic Gardens, Plant Conservation / Publication / English, Polish
  • Accreditation Examples: Outreach

    Services for Botanic Gardens / Tool / English
  • Gardening the wild - growing the mind: Fostering Kyrgyzstan's botanical community

    Public Engagement, Services for Botanic Gardens, Policy and Advocacy / Publication / English
  • Accreditation Examples: Regulatory Policies

    Services for Botanic Gardens / Tool / English
  • Dry woodlands restoration in Pakistan's Punjab province

    Tree Conservation, Ecological Restoration / Publication / English
  • Accreditation Examples: Sustainability and Ethical Activities

    Services for Botanic Gardens / Tool / English
  • Environmental Education Guidelines

    Public Engagement / Publication / English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese