BGCI’s GardenSearch database is the only global database of the world’s botanic gardens and similar organizations.

In addition to thousands of botanic gardens and arboreta, GardenSearch includes gene and seed banks, network organizations, and zoos. Whether you are looking for collaborators, botanical resources or expertise, or simply want to visit a garden, GardenSearch will connect you to the right garden.

Data contained in GardenSearch is primarily provided and managed by individual institutions— BGCI attempts to maintain up-to-date data for our members, but we cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of data. BGCI welcomes and encourages garden staff to register as a Garden Editor to maintain and update their institution’s GardenSearch profile.

Search Tips

Search by country or keyword (ex: Atlanta, Kew, palms, Juglandaceae) to find relevant institutions. Narrow your search to BGCI members only, or registrants to the International Agenda for Botanic Gardens in Plant Conservation – or define your search using the GardenSearch Advanced Search to identify gardens with specific facilities, conservation, research, or education programs.

GardenSearch data are not included in the Site Search of, and GardenSearch queries do not include plant taxa submitted via the PlantSearch Upload. Read more about BGCI’s Data Security policy (coming soon).

If you can suggest updates or additional botanical institutions to add to GardenSearch, please contact BGCI.

Update Your Institution’s GardenSearch Profile

To enhance the value of GardenSearch, staff can register as a Garden Editor for free and login to update their institution’s information. Of particular interest, Garden Editors can upload a list of plant taxa maintained in their collection to the PlantSearch database (see About PlantSearch for details).

Citing GardenSearch

Please cite any use of GardenSearch data as:
BGCI. [YEAR]. GardenSearch online database. Botanic Gardens Conservation International. Richmond, U.K. Available at

Data Security

BGCI does not make public the locations of species submitted via the PlantSearch Upload. See BGCI’s Data Security policy (coming soon) for more details.

GardenSearch Data Requests

BGCI will make summary GardenSearch data available for scholarly, educational, conservation, or research purposes. If you would like to request GardenSearch data, please send an email to gardens (at) with the subject line ‘GARDENSEARCH DATA REQUEST’. Within your email please indicate the GardenSearch information you are requesting, along with your Name, Title, Institution, and intended use of the data. BGCI will respond to your request or follow up with additional questions as soon as possible.