Terms and conditions

BGCI Databases Terms and Conditions

Individuals and institutions that use information, hereinafter referred to as Data Users, supplied from BGCI’s databases (PlantSearch, ThreatSearch and GlobalTreeSearch) accessible on the BGCI members’ area website, agree to the following:

  • Data Users are accessing data for scholarly, educational or research purposes
  • Data Users will not share their login access password, or copy and pass any data obtained to anyone outside their organisation.
  • The names and locations of institutions reporting particular plant taxa in PlantSearch will not be published in a report or made public in any form without the prior consent of the institution(s) providing the data.
  • Data Users will not publish data in its entirety, but small anonymized extracts can be provided for illustrative purposes and duly acknowledged with:
    • BGCI [PlantSearch/ThreatSearch/GlobalTreeSearch] Database
    • Suggested citation:
        [PlantSearch/ThreatSearch/GlobalTreeSearch] online database.
        Botanic Gardens Conservation International. Richmond, U.K.
        Available at www.bgci.org. Accessed on DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Data Users will share any publications using data obtained from PlantSearch, ThreatSearch or GlobalTreeSearch with BGCI for review prior to publication.
  • Data Users may not use PlantSearch, ThreatSearch or GlobalTreeSearch data for commercial purposes, with the exception of publishing extracts in an anonymized form in commercial publications.
  • Any publication or other use of data provided outside the terms of this agreement requires a separate agreement with BGCI and the Data Provider(s).

I agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Data Use Agreement and acknowledge the rights of BGCI and contributing institutions (as per BGCI’s Data Provider Agreement) over data accessible via BGCI’s databases.