Corporate Sponsorship

BGCI offers a range of possibilities for your company to support and benefit from partnerships that tackle the world’s greatest environmental challenges.

Partnerships with a Worldwide Force for Conservation

With your support, be it practical or financial, we can work towards a sustainable future for the Earth’s plants and our climate, upon which we all depend for our life and livelihoods.

BGCI represents a network of over 600 botanic gardens in more than 100 countries, providing unparalleled global reach. BCGI has worked tirelessly to secure a global movement for conservation through implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC). An updated and revised GSPC was adopted by 187 countries in October 2010. The Strategy has 16 ambitious targets to be achieved by 2020. Under the terms of a Memorandum of Agreement with the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), BGCI is working to support GSPC implementation at the national, regional and global levels. You can be part of our efforts to implement a government-endorsed strategy over the next decade that will save the Earth’s dwindling natural resources.

Your Company and BGCI

Demonstrate your commitment to the environment you operate in by supporting on-the-ground conservation action. Poverty is often linked to environmental degradation; our botanic garden members are working with communities to ensure conservation goes hand-in-hand with sustainable development. We can help engage your stakeholders by getting them involved with local botanic gardens.

Create a legacy for future generations by supporting education across our garden network. We estimate that globally botanic members attract around 500 million people a year. Your company can help us to empower people with the knowledge they will need to live sustainably in the future.

Conservationists depend on up-to-date and informative data and publications on where the conservation needs are greatest. You can sponsor materials that reach a huge global scientific audience.

By providing technical assistance to the development of our unique plant-focused databases you could make a real difference to international efforts to save plants from extinction.

Our Present Corporate Partners