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We are the world's largest plant conservation network

with over 60,000 plant scientists and horticulturists.

We mobilise botanic gardens and partners to secure plant diversity

for the well-being of people and the planet.
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BGCI promotes an efficient, cost-effective and rational approach to plant conservation in botanic gardens.

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Be part of the largest network of botanic gardens and plant conservation experts in the world.

Key Numbers
  • Connecting people
    Institutional members of BGCI
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    People trained from 240 institutions in 54 countries
  • Saving plants
    Rare and threatened seedlings raised for reintroduction and restoration
  • Policy and advocacy
    Signatories to the International Agenda on Botanic Gardens

Latest News and Events

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Donate to Bahamas National Trust Recovery Efforts Today

Support the Bahamas National Trust Hurricane Dorian relief efforts today!
17 September 2019
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South American Botanic Gardens Network Workshop and Golden Wedding Anniversary of Botanic Garden Alexander Von Humboldt

In collaboration with the Botanic Garden Alexander Von Humboldt and the University del Tolima in Colombia, BGCI is organizing a South American Botanic Gardens Network Workshop in December 2019.
03 December 2019
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Botanical Bridges III

The National Botanical Garden Dr. Rafael M. Moscoso, Santo Domingo is pleased to announce the Congress of Botanical Gardens of the Caribbean and Central America. It will take place from March 23rd to 26th 2020 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
23 March 2020
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International Conference: Arboreta Around the World

An international conference on the history, value and future prospects of arboreta. Together for the future of biodiversity on the 150th foundation anniversary of the Royal Forestry Institute and Experimental Arboreta in Vallombrosa.
10 October 2019
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BGANZ 2019 Congress

Plants have brought Australasian Botanic Gardens together though BGANZ every 2 years since 2003. Wellington plays host to the BGANZ 2019 Congress.
20 October 2019
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