The Red List and Ex situ Survey of Tovomita

The Red List of Tovomita (February 2019) presents IUCN Red List assessments of all 50 species in the genus. A neotropical genus, Tovomita are trees found in tropical forests in both Mesoamerica and South America. The Red List of Tovomita reveals that while only 8% of the genus is threatened (four species), a high percentage of species are considered Data Deficient (38% or 19 species) meaning it is not known if the species are threatened or not of conservation concern. The remaining species (26 species) were assessed as Least Concern.

The Red List of Tovomita includes an ex situ gap analysis using BGCI’s database, PlantSearch. It revealed that there is only one ex situ collection of Tovomita and it is not identified to species level. Little is known about seed storage behaviors or propagation methods needed to conserve this species ex situ. As Tovomita species occur across many diverse and complex habitats it is recommended that in situ protection measures are put in place.

Tovomita fructipendula. Photo credit: Marcelino Dias

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  • The Red List of Tovomita

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