The Red List of Acer: revised and extended

The Red List of Acer: revised and extended, published in September 2020 by Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), gives the conservation status of all 158 maple or Acer species. This report reveals that one in five maple species (36 species) are at high risk of extinction in the near future and in need of conservation action, with 75% of these threatened species geographically restricted in their native ranges. Encouragingly though, the majority of maple species (71.5%) are not threatened with extinction in the wild. Globally, the report highlights that over a third of maple species are subject to loss of habitat as a result of urban development and increased agriculture. Timber harvesting is also a major threat and affects a quarter of threatened maple species.

BGCI is establishing a Global Conservation Consortium (GCC) for Acer, to address the conservation needs of maple species. Utilising expertise within the botanic garden community, maple specialists will work together to develop the comprehensive strategies required to effectively manage and deliver conservation actions for maple species. The report contains more information about this work. The Global Conservation Consortium for Acer is one of a suite of Global Conservation Consortia that BGCI are establishing to effectively conserve highly threatened tree genera.

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