Botanic Garden Led Forest Restoration

There is increasing interest in tree planting as a nature-based solution to climate change. Many countries around the world have made pledges to the Bonn Challenge to bring millions of hectares of degraded land under restoration. However, there is growing concern in the biodiversity conservation and ecological restoration community that there is too little attention paid to which species are planted and where.

Botanic gardens are engaged in species-diverse ecological restoration, as well as targeted recovery projects for threatened species, combining horticultural expertise with science-based monitoring. Working through the BGCI network, stronger biodiversity outcomes can be achieved from forest restoration projects, whilst providing benefits to local people.

BGCI is compiling information about botanic garden led forest restoration activities and their ability to scale up. We will use this information to promote the work of botanic gardens in forest restoration and to fundraise to scale up efforts. If you have any questions please contact

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