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One of BGCI's major roles is as a publisher of guidance and policy information for and about plant conservation.

Most are available free for download; others can be ordered in hard copy for a small fee. Some of our publications are only available to members.

Our publications include the following:

Staying in Touch: BGCI Electronic Publications and Alerts

BGCI offers several ways of staying in touch with us and the global botanic gardens community through our e-bulletins and news update services.


BGCI Journals

BGCI publishes two journals, reporting on the latest plant conservation trends and legislation, as well providing a forum for the world's botanic gardens to share lessons learnt and success stories. Available to members and by subscription, they are also archived online a year after publication.


Receive Roots Regularly
Roots is a bi-annual international education review and essential reading for anyone working in the area of environmental education. Content is in English, French and Spanish. You can receive your own personal copy hot off the press, with the BGCI Education Pack. Click the pic to find out how...
Cultivate E-Bulletin
Cultivate, BGCI's regular e-bulletin brings you opinion, comment, case studies and surveys for and about the world's botanic gardens. Sign up today - click the link.
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