The Red List and Ex situ Survey of Fraxinus

The Red List of Fraxinus (January 2018) contains the conservation status for all 53 species of Fraxinus. The publication show that (21%) of all species are threatened with extinction. However, the majority of the genus (79%) are reported to be not at risk of extinction in the wild. The greatest threat is identified as ‘problematic pests and diseases’, with the emerald ash borer insect, invasive to North America, causing declines to over 50% of threatened Fraxinus.

Fraxinus ornus (Least Concern). Photo Credit – Ian Harvey-BrownIncluded in the Red List is an ex situ survey that identifies which Fraxinus species are held in living collections, using BGCI’s PlantSearch. It is an important first step in prioritising species for ex situ conservation. The survey found that 45 species (85%) of Fraxinus are found in ex situ collections. Of the 11 threatened species, one species is not found in collections, Fraxinus hubeiensis (Endangered). This species should be brought into collections as a priority.

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  • The Red List of Fraxinus

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