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Seed Conservation Hub - Training and Resources


How to start a seed bank

Bioversity International The design of seed storage facilities for genetic conservation

MSBP Seed bank design - Seed drying rooms 


Seed conservation standards

MSBP Seed conservation standards

FAO Genebank standards for Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture [Es] [Fr] [Ar]

CPC Best Plant Conservation Practices to Support Species Survival in the Wild 


Complete guides

San Diego University Native Seed collection, processing, and storage for revegetation projects

Greening Australia Collect, treat and store seeds


Seed collecting

MSBP A field manual for seed collection [Ru]

INIA Manual de Recoleccion y procesamiento de semillas de especies forestales

ENSCONET Collecting protocol [Fr] [Es] [Gr] [Po] [De] [It] [Po] [Hu]

Seeds of Success Seed collecting techniques

Portland State University Sampling for effective ex situ plant conservation

MSBP Assessing a population for seed collection

- Herbarium Specimens

U.S. National Herbarium Herbarium specimen preparation

Seeds of Success Voucher specimen techniques

- Collecting specific groups of plants

FAO A guide to forest seed handling

MSBP Seed collecting manual: UK National Tree Seed Project

OSSSU Orchid seed collection [Es] 

Global Tree Campaign Threatened trees 


Seed banking

- Cleaning

      MSBP Cleaning seed collections for long term conservation

      Bioversity International Manual of seed handling in genebanks

       - Drying

      MSBP Small scale seed drying methods

      MSBP Post Harvest handling of seed collections

      MSBP Low cost monitors of seed moisture status

      MSBP Measuring seed moisture status using a hygrometer

- Banking

Bioversity International Seed Storage Behaviour: a Compendium

Bioversity International A protocol to determine seed storage behaviour

ENSCONET Curation Manual [Fr] [Es] [Gr] [Po] [De] [It] [Po]

MSBP Selecting containers for long-term seed storage

MSBP Identifying desication sensitive seeds

MSBP Protocol for comparative seed longevity testing

Bioversity International A guide to effective management of germplasm collections

 - Germination and other testing

Bioversity International Regeneration of accessions in seed collections: a decision guide

MSBP Equilibriating seeds to specific moisture levels

Ensconet Germination recommendations 

OSSSU Tetrazolium test [Es]



      GBIF Plant distribution data

      Pep 725 European Phenology data

      RBG Kew Seed Information Database

      BGCI PlantSearch

      IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM

      The Plant List


Pavia University (in Italian) Videos on storage and drying

Hawaii Island Native Seed Bank Native forest tree seed, collecting, processing and storage

Tallgrass Prarie Centre Basics of seed banking

Bioversity video Crop wild relatives

Crop Trust CWR Training course in Uganda