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GSCC Seed Conservation Modules

BGCI has created a suite of learning modules on seed conservation, essential for those working in seed banks or in botanic gardens with seed collection programmes. The modules below will take you step by step through the process of seed conservation from planning to collection to processing and storage. After every module there is a quick quiz to test your knowledge.

Powerpoint presentations are also available to download for those interested in utilising this resource for training purposes.

These resources are also available in Español [Es]   Français  Chinese  [中国语文]    

Module 1 Planning a seed collection



Module 1 Powerpoint Presentation



Module 2 Prioritisation and Pre-collection Assessment



Module 2 Powerpoint Presentation



Module 3 Seed Collection



Module 3 Powerpoint Presentation



Module 4 Post Collection - Cleaning, Drying & Storage



Module 4 Powerpoint Presentation



Module 5 Germination and Dormancy



Module 5 Powerpoint Presentation



Module 6 Data Management



Module 6 Powerpoint Presentation




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BGCI is grateful to Kate Gold for advising on content. 

BGCI would like to thank the Convention on Biological Diversity and The Japan Biodiversity Fund for supporting the development of these learning modules.

Photography Seeds of Success and Kate Gold