Other Services

BGCI supports botanic gardens by providing services to analyse plant collections, develop clear signage, and much more.


BGCI provides additional services for botanic gardens such as collections assessments and signage & interpretation support through the Care for the Rare program.

  • Care for the Rare
  • Collections Assessments
  • BGCI's PlantSnap Initiative

Care for the Rare

Care for the Rare provides free, easy-to-use interpretation resources that any garden can use to clearly communicate conservation stories of threatened plants in their collections.

Collections Assessments

BGCI can shed light on any collection’s strengths and opportunities, and provide a broader perspective on the unique contributions your botanic garden can make.

BGCI's PlantSnap Initiative

BGCI has partnered with PlantSnap on the creation of possibly the most comprehensive database of plant photos and geolocational data in the world.

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