Thank you for your interest in applying for BGCI Advanced Conservation Practitioner Accreditation.

This application will require you to work with colleagues in different parts of the botanic garden. It is therefore useful to view BGCI’s Accreditation Standards Manual and Evidence Examples.

We would advise that you review the questions and organise the answers before uploading to the application. If you prefer to have different colleagues complete different aspects of the form, please make sure that only one person works on the application at a time and ensure that you are using the most edit by using the save and continue feature.

If you decide to take a break or ask a colleague to contribute, simply click the “Save and Continue Later” button, copy the URL provided or enter your email address to be sent the URL via email. When you wish to start the application again, simply go to the URL provided.

Please ensure to press the save and continue button before closing the browser window.

Should you have any issues or questions during the application process, please contact Brian Lainoff (

Once completed, the application is reviewed by BGCI staff. BGCI staff will be in touch regarding the status of your application. BGCI will work with you to achieve accreditation should your application require further clarification.

Once you have passed the accreditation application, BGCI will have the application reviewed through peer review and complete the BGCI Conservation Collections Assessment.

Please note that information is saved on our server as you enter it.

Advanced Conservation Practitioner Application

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