Reviving The African Botanic Garden Network - Have Your Say!

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BGCI has set up a new office in Nairobi, Kenya. One of the aims is to provide increased support to botanic gardens across Africa. BGCI will continue to carry out practical conservation projects in partnership with African botanic gardens and deliver training to build capacity for plant conservation across Africa. Find out more about our current work programme here.

In 2002, the African Botanic Garden Network (ABGN) was established:

“To promote and support the work of botanic gardens and associated institutions through education, conservation and sustainable use of plants for development, poverty alleviation and halting biodiversity loss”.

The network established links between African botanic gardens and successful projects were launched under ABGN, including the Southern African Botanical Diversity Network (SABONET). Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding, the network became largely inactive.

At the 6th Global Botanic Garden Congress in Geneva, BGCI held a meeting about reviving ABGN. The 29 meeting participants discussed whether it was a good idea to revive the network and what was needed from the network. Meeting participants were supportive of the idea to revive the network and shared a lot of great ideas. BGCI and Jardins Botaniques de Frances et des Pays Francophones (JBF) committed to providing a joint Secretariat role for the network.

We want to hear from you too! If you are working in or with a botanic garden in Africa, please complete our short online survey to have your say, or contact us if you’d like a Word version of the survey to complete.

ABGN meeting at 6GBGC