Plants, People, Planet Symposium

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    United Kingdom
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    Plant Conservation
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Our complex relationship with plants has resulted in the world as we know it today shaping not only the Earth’s ecosystems but also its societies and cultures. As the human race continues to grow, the work of plant scientists to meet the global challenges of the 21st Century has never been more important.

The inaugural Plants, People, Planet Symposium will take place over two days at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, UK on 4–5 September 2019.

This exciting symposium will highlight outstanding plant-based research in its broadest sense and celebrate everything new, innovative and exciting in plant sciences that is relevant to society and people’s daily lives.

The symposium will have seven sessions:

  • Engaging people with plants,
  • Plants and society,
  • Plant conservation,
  • Plant diversity,
  • Plant genomics applications,
  • Plants and global change,
  • Plant natural assets

There are a number of grants available for individuals in the early stages of their career (student and post-doctoral researchers with up to five years’ experience since gaining / defending their PhD, excluding career breaks). The deadline for applying for travel grants to aid attendance at the Plant, People, Planet Symposium is Friday 14 June 2019. If you wish to apply for a grant please see the link below.