NEW video: Seed Conservation Directory of Expertise Dashboard

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A video is now available which explains our Seed Conservation Directory of Expertise Dashboard. This video was developed in collaboration with the National Tropical Botanic Garden in Hawai’i and it will complement our current instructions, providing a more engaging and interactive guide to this valuable tool. The video explains how to use and make the most of our seed conservation directory of expertise dashboard which is run through Tableau and funded by the US Forest Service.

The video starts by explaining how to use the dashboard to search for experts and facilities using the different search criteria: storage behaviour, storage temperature, growth form, seed conservation expertise (e.g. germination, species reintroduction etc.) facilities, research, collection expertise and habitat. It also demonstrates how to use the map and how to search for experts by country. It then goes on to explain tools such as pan, zoom and ‘select a square’ to find experts/facilities in specific regions.

The Seed Conservation Directory of Expertise benefits the global plant conservation community by expanding seed conservation networks, facilitating exchange of information and ideas, and enabling better seed conservation stewardship by facilitating connections, collaborations and exchange. This new video will allow this valuable tool to be used to its full potential.

Many thanks to Dustin Wolkis and Ben Nyberg who filmed and produced the video.