New Book on the Miombo Woodlands

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This amazing flora is a compilation of photographs, collections and expertise, gathered over the past 25 years, which describes the miombo woodland and the threats it is facing. It contains descriptions of 143 families, 611 genera, and 1634 species found in the Mutinindo Wilderness Area of Northern Zambia.

In addition to the descriptions of the ferns and monocots part I includes a detailed introduction by Dr Paul Smith of Botanic Gardens Conservation International, an inspirationally charged foreword by Noah Zimba of the Zambian Institute of Forestry, a comprehensive introduction to Mutinondo Wilderness and its botanical background, and a 51 page photographic key.

Part 2 contains the descriptions of dicots. For ease of reference the complete scientific and common names indices are included at the rear of each volume. Species descriptions include habit, height, flower colour, key characteristics (underlined), distribution, habitat, altitude, and flowering time. Of the 1634 species descriptions, 1618 are accompanies by 3 to 8 photographs each. Of the balance 9 descriptions have 2 photos each, 2 are with only one, and two are lacking an image. This flora is a prime cornerstone to the appreciation of the wetter miombo woodland which is essential to publicise, particularly in view of the ever-increasing pressures and destruction being wrought on this woodland in Zambia and the sub-region.

There are currently copies in stock. Two volumes, very well illustrated, large octavo, pp 1020, paperback, a very good new set, published in an edition of 1000 copies, priced at £120.00. A heavy set, weighing over 2.5 kilos before packing – please enquire regarding shipping costs to your country.

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