Malva Permaculture Farm Video on Importance of Biodiversity

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As a garden on the bio-producers/ farmers spectrum; at Malva Permaculture Farm& Arboretum, we have a mission to plant Native Fruit trees and Crop Wild Relatives. For this, permaculture methods such as Agroforestry and Food Forests are employed.

Each year, 3 million tons of toxic agricultural pesticides are being used in the World. These cause: the loss of biodiversity, climate change, the poisoning of our soil, water and air sources, leading to serious health issues.

Recently, we have taken part of a project funded under European Union, Civil Society Dialogue V Programme and conducted by Bugday- Association for Ecological Living, Istanbul, Turkey. The project is supported by PAN Europe (Pesticide Action Network). ‘No Pesticides on My Plate’ documentary, filmed within the scope of this project, shows ecosystem and human effects of pesticides, their harm and their eco-friendly alternatives. While the experts and farmers describe the destructive effects of pesticides, the alternative methods of production are illustrated.

In this episode filmed at our farm, we introduce the importance of biodiversity, preserving native species, crop wild relatives such as eincorn and emmer. The interrelation between plants, animals and other micro-organisms are explained. We hope that this humble effort inspires more gardens to shift their attention to ecosystem services, as well as discover their potential for sustainable agriculture for the goal of achieving self sustainable cities.

Producer: Bugday- Association for Ecological living, Istanbul, Turkey. Director and Editing: Oya Ayman, Sevim Erdem, Eyyüp Epekinci.

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