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The Chollipo Arboretum Foundation in South Korea is the 50-year-old legacy of Dr Min Pyonggal (Carl Ferris Miller), one of the first Americans to be naturalized as a South Korean citizen. The Arboretum has an extensive collection of plants including hollies, magnolias, maples and camellias. The current director of the Arboretum is Prof. Kim Yong-Shik who is keen to further develop the Living Collection. In addition, Prof. Kim is making the Arboretum a very strong source of botanical information for Koreans and has been seeking to greatly expand the Arboretum’s library collection.

Recently, one of the biggest commercial banks of Korea, the Kookmin Bank, donated funds to renovate the library at the Arboretum so that it can re-open to commemorate the 100 years since birth of Dr Min Pyonggal.

As a part of this, the Arboretum would be very pleased to receive donations of botanical publications including arboretum and botanic garden management, botany, ecology, genetics, biogeography, conservation, as well as education. Any donations will be under the condition that the Chollipo Arboretum will pay all costs for transportation to Korea. The donated publications will be a big step towards renewing the botanical library on the west coast of the Korean peninsula. If you are able to make a donation of books, please contact Prof. Kim Yong-Shik at


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