BGCI's Access and Benefit Sharing Learning Package

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BGCI has produced a Learning Package on Access and Benefit-Sharing (ABS) to support researchers and collection holders understand, and teach others about the international ABS framework and how this impacts on the work of collection-based institutions.

As well as suite of training materials, BGCI has also collected a number of examples and case studies of how ABS is being implemented by botanic gardens and related institutions around the world.

The Learning Package was developed as part of a Darwin Initiative project implemented by BGCI in Ethiopia.

Access and Benefit Sharing Learning Package

  • ABS Learning Package

    Policy and Advocacy / E-learning module, Tool / English

Access and Benefit Sharing Implementation Examples

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Case Study

Documentation of specimens and samples

The Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum (BGBM) Berlin acts in accordance with the national and the EU regulations and international agreements on genetic resources.
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Case Study

Implementing ABS at Oxford University

A University-wide ABS policy and committee
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Case Study

A Process for ABS-Compliant Fieldwork

An example from Jardín Botánico Universitario BUAP, Mexico
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