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Today, BGCI is launching the Tree Conservation Fund. BGCI’s Tree Conservation Fund is an initiative to enable businesses, philanthropic organisations, and governments around the world to contribute to the essential effort to save the world’s threatened tree species.

At least 3,500 tree species are on the brink of extinction

Humans have transformed the planet, but our progress has placed unprecedented pressure on nature. We stand at a critical juncture where the combined threats of climate change and species extinction will determine the future of life on our planet.

Plants, and trees in particular, are essential to the complex web of nature and our very survival. We rely on trees and forests for clean water, healthy soils, food, fuel and health. Trees and forests absorb greenhouse gases and are essential to the fight against climate change. Trees are the cornerstone of ecosystems – millions of species of plants and animals depend on specific species of trees to survive.

The actions we take in the next ten years will have a profound impact for generations to come. We must protect the world’s tree species to ensure their future. Simply planting trees is not enough. We must ensure the survival of tree species and secure the right species of tree in the right place. This is why the world’s botanic gardens have rallied together to take action – but we need your help.

For thirty years, Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) has been coordinating plant conservation efforts around the world. BGCI is the world’s largest plant conservation network with 625 member institutions in 100+ countries employing more than 60,000 plant scientists and horticultural experts.

Our network has a proven record of working with local, national and international leadership to conserve and protect tree species and to restore the ecology of landscapes. The extinction of any species is a tragedy, but it is not inevitable. We must strive to save all plant species from going extinct.

The right tree species in the right place

Currently, vast areas of fast-growing exotic trees are being planted to capture carbon or to provide short rotation wood crops, displacing natural habitats and indigenous tree species. In many countries ten times as many exotic trees are being planted as indigenous trees. This is a short-term fix and not the right approach.

BGCI’s approach is to focus on the right trees in the right place – encouraging the preservation of indigenous species in their natural habitats, rather than replacing them with exotic (non-native) species.

BGCI’s Tree Conservation Fund

The Tree Conservation Fund is an initiative created by BGCI to allow business and philanthropic organisations around the world to contribute to the essential effort to save the world’s threatened tree species.

This global effort will work in partnership with local communities and land managers to ensure long term impact. The Fund will ensure tree planting sustainably supports biodiversity and will provide the scientific and horticultural expertise to bring the right tree to the right place.

BGCI has the expertise, networks and systems in place to secure the fate of endangered tree species around the world.

Join Us

To drive this ambitious effort, BGCI is seeking leaders who wish to put their resources to work on behalf of nature.

We invite philanthropists, foundations, corporations, social impact funds and other investors to join us. Donors to the fund will be our partners and will contribute to tangible results delivered through an internationally connected conservation network.

In a time of unprecedented global change, protecting trees and nature could not be more important.

Together, we can ensure that our rich natural heritage is passed on for generations to come and we can build a more resilient planet. Please join us.

Support BGCI

You can support our plant conservation efforts by sponsoring membership for small botanic gardens, contributing to the Global Botanic Garden Fund, and more!

Calling all Experts

As a membership benefit exclusively for BGCI Institutional Members, staff associated with these institutions can apply for inclusion in BGCI's Directory of Expertise.