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BGCI’s Directory of Expertise is designed to enable experts within botanic gardens to let other people know about their own skills and knowledge and, if possible, help them to solve a problem or challenge related to botanic gardens or plant conservation. As a membership benefit exclusively for BGCI Institutional Members, staff associated with these institutions can apply to be listed in the Directory.

The Directory currently includes 11 areas of expertise: Botanic Garden Conceptualisation and Design, Conservation Assessment, Conservation Horticulture, Ecological Restoration, Exceptional Species, Plant Health and Biosecurity, Policy, Public Engagement, Seed Conservation, Sustainability, and Tree Conservation. These have all been selected because our experience at BGCI suggests that there is a strong demand for such expertise both within the botanic garden community and in other sectors. Further disciplines will be added in the future.

BGCI’s purpose in creating this Directory is twofold: firstly, to share the knowledge and skills in the botanic garden community with broader society to solve problems or save plant species, and secondly to give staff of BGCI Institutional Members opportunities to broaden their experience and make a contribution that might not come their way in day to day work.

Experts in the Directory do not commit to provide their expertise wherever it is required, but agree to be contacted to ask for help, whether that be through partnership or paid for services. Those experts included in the Directory agree to adhere to BGCI’s Code of Conduct. All applications are reviewed by BGCI’s own experts. We also reserve the right to reject applications.

How to be Listed as an Expert

To be included in the Directory of Expertise, an individual must be a staff member of a BGCI Institutional Member.

Applicants are required to create a BGCI SheepCRM account, which is linked to the institutional membership, and complete a short questionnaire. Institutional Member Admin Contacts are able to manage their staff through their own SheepCRM Account.

Applicants are also required to upload an up-to-date curriculum vitae. The application is reviewed by BGCI staff before the expert is added to the Directory.

Calling all Experts

As a membership benefit exclusively for BGCI Institutional Members, staff associated with these institutions can apply for inclusion in BGCI's Directory of Expertise.

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