A World of Plants: Special Issue of Plants People Planet Now Available

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Proceedings of A World of Plants symposium hosted by the National Geographic Society in November 2019. An excerpt written by Peter Raven:

We depend on plants individually and collectively for our survival. This special issue—A world of plants—brings together a set of articles that outline the importance of plants and why we must find ways to preserve them from extinction. Plants determine the characteristics of the atmosphere, control the flow of water and regional climates, supply all of our food, directly or indirectly, as well as many medicines and other materials that we use, and enrich our lives with beauty. We need to find ways to pay more attention to plants and protect as many of them with their genetic diversity as we possibly can. We hope these articles will stimulate thought and action to protect plants in this time of rapid population growth and continued, radical disturbance of natural habitats.

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