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BGCI promotes an efficient, cost-effective and rational approach to plant conservation in botanic gardens.

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    BGCI Accredited Botanic Gardens, Conservation Practitioners, and Advanced Conservation Practitioners

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Budburst Mobile App Launched by Chicago Botanic Garden

Super easy phenology and pollinator data recording in your pocket.
08 April 2021
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BGCI has launched a new online training platform

BGCI is excited to announced the launch of our new online training platform, with three introductory courses - Defining a botanic garden, Introduction to interpretation, Vegetative propagation of trees.
06 April 2021
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Madagascar Red List

Report: Two-thirds of Madagascar’s endemic tree species are threatened with extinction

BGCI’s Red List of Trees of Madagascar provides the first comprehensive conservation assessment of the island’s tree diversity
31 March 2021
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Online Hong Kong Flower Show 2021

The Online Hong Kong Flower Show 2021, presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, was launched on March 19.
19 March 2021
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National Tropical Botanical Garden Completes IUCN Red Listing for all Kauai endemic plants

National Tropical Botanical Garden Completes IUCN Red Listing for all Kauai endemic plants
29 March 2021
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