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roots Education JournalWelcome to the online archive of Roots, the education review for botanic gardens.

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Publication Year: 
Oct 2009: Editorial: It’s the International Year of Biodiversity in 2010, but who’s coming to the party? by David Jeffreys and Julia Willison
Oct 2009: The Green Theatre by Sean O’Gaoithin, Carol O’Callaghan, Dawn Sanders
Oct 2009: Greening university minds by A. Bélgica Cerón Carpio, L. Olguín Hernández, K. A. Cue Hernández & M. Rodríguez-Acosta
Oct 2009: Tree bark: a world to discover by Professor Claudio Longo
Oct 2009: Potatoes don’t grow on trees by Annastella Gambini
Oct 2009: La biodiversité a l’école du quartier by Réjane Brun
Oct 2009: Alpine biodiversity in a climate of change by Suzanne Kapelari
Oct 2009: El valor de los jardines españoles en educación para la conservación de la biodiversidad by Valery López de los Monteros Giner
Oct 2009: Building an international encyclopedia of life by Marie Studer
Apr 2009: Wwwhat’s the Web got to do with us? by BGCI
Apr 2009: Once upon a time... the power of storytelling by Martin Clement
Apr 2009: Implementing the GSPC in 10 steps by L. Allen, K. Friedrich, I. Kiefer, W. Lobin, C. Löhne, M. von den Driesch, J. Oikawa
Apr 2009: Olympic exhibition: promoting the work of botanic gardens by Xiangying Wen
Apr 2009: Discovery carts: interpretation on wheels by Marilyn Smith
Apr 2009: Editorial: Interpretation for sustainability by Julia Willison
Apr 2009: Interpretación para una visita inolvidable by Paola Sierra Manrique
Apr 2009: Interpreting nature: connecting to visitor understandings by Amy E. Ryken
Apr 2009: Interpretation master planning: creating holistic narrative experiences by James Furse-Roberts