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roots Education JournalWelcome to the online archive of Roots, the education review for botanic gardens.

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Publication Year: 
Oct 2004: From Menageries to Masterplans: Linking the Botanical with the Zoological by John Arnott
Oct 2004: Conservation education - the value of training by Jamie Copsey
Oct 2004: Gondwana Connection - partnerships for learning by Kathy Stewart
Oct 2004: Taking a Holistic Approach to Environmental Education by Catherine Hubbard
Oct 2004: Should botanic gardens keep animals as exhibits? by BGCI members and supporters
Oct 2004: Resources from Roots 1:2 Botanic gardens and zoos; synergies for the future by
Oct 2004: Indian Zoological and Botanical Gardens – Historical perspective and a way forward by Sally Walker, Adit Pal, B. Rathanasabapathy & R. Manikam
Oct 2004: Plant education in zoos by BGCI members and supporters
Oct 2004: From the lion’s cage: a new education programme at Munda Wanga Environmental Park by Emma Stone
Apr 2004: Sustainable Tourism and Botanic Gardens – a Win-Win Situation? by Sue Minter
Apr 2004: Changing Perceptions Through Ecotours by Rusty Worsman and Karen Gray
Apr 2004: Attracting ‘Green’ Tourists To Your Garden by Sarah Kneebone
Apr 2004: ‘Geotourists’ – The Next Big Thing for Botanic Gardens? by Prof R. Benfield
Apr 2004: Encounters With Kenyan Succulents by Abel Barasa Atiti
Apr 2004: L'Intégration Du Jardin Botanique Du Montet Dans Des "Produits Touristiques" by Romaric Pierrel & Rémi Saxe
Apr 2004: Tourism For Survival by John Leach