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Publication Year: 
Dec 1998: Declaration of the International Conference on Medicinal Plants held at Bangalore, India by Anon.
Dec 1998: Nanjing Botanic Garden - The Largest Botanical Garden for Visually-Handicapped People in China by Li Mei
Dec 1998: Caribbean Islands Botanic Gardens and Plant Conservation by Peter S. Wyse Jackson
Dec 1998: Report on the Fifth International Botanic Gardens Conservation Congress, South Africa by Anon.
Dec 1998: Tagging Along in Tropical Botanic Gardens - The Experience of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, Hawai'i by Melany H. Chapin and Sylvia Smith
Dec 1998: The Establishment of a Computerized Collections Registration System for Kebun Raya Indonesia by Jeanine Pfeiffer, Diane Wyse Jackson, and Peter S. Wyse Jackson
Dec 1998: Report on the Fifth International Botanic Gardens Conservation Congress, South Africa by Anon.
Dec 1998: The Darwin Declaration - Workshop on 'Removing the Taxonomic Impediment' by Anon
Dec 1998: The Role of Botanic Gardens in the Conservation of Europe’s Overseas Territories by C. Hankamer & M. Maunders
Dec 1998: The Botanic Garden of the Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II, Morocco by Moh Rejdali
Dec 1998: The Establishment of a Botanic Garden for the Taminango Museum of Folk Art and Traditions of Nariño in Pasto, Colombia by Anon.
Jun 1998: Conservation of Carnivorous Plants and Bog Communities at Atlanta Botanical Garden, Georgia, U.S.A. by Ron Determann and Madeleine Groves
Jun 1998: Botanic Gardens in the European Union: Heritage and Conservation - Report of a Meeting by Julia Willison
Jun 1998: Establishment of a European Botanic Garden Programme for the Conservation of Rare and Endangered Plants of Europe - A Discussion Paper by Peter S. Wyse Jackson
Jun 1998: A New Dutch Association of Botanic Gardens by Gerda A. van Uffelen
Jun 1998: Plant Conservation and the Mlynany Arboretum by J. Takats, A. Kamenicka & M. Lanaková
Jun 1998: The Ecological Approach to the Conservation of Plants in Botanic Gardens - The Experience of the Botanic Garden in Valdivia, Chile by C. San Martín Padovani
Jun 1998: Bafut Botanic Garden - a New Cameroon Garden by Tafor Princewill Che
Jun 1998: A Survey of Bern Convention Plant Taxa in European Botanic Gardens: Initial Findings and Implications by Mike Maunder and Sarah Higgens
Jun 1998: Nature Protection and Plant Conservation in the Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University by A. Prokhorov & E. Platonova
Jun 1998: A Botanic Garden in an Historic City of India: Patiala's Role in Botanic Garden Conservation by Parshotam Kumar
Mar 1998: The Oro Verde Botanic Garden at Paraná, Argentina by Juan de Dios Muñoz