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Securing plant diversity

Over the past five years, we have supported the conservation of 29 highly threatened tree species, initiated 3 habitat conservation projects and carried out 5 pilot, community-based restoration projects, working in Latin America, Central and SE Asia and China. In 2012, we launched the Ecological Restoration Alliance of Botanic Gardens, bringing together major botanic gardens from around the world with an ambitious programme to restore 100 degraded ecosystems.

Our PlantSearch database is the only global monitoring tool for GSPC Target 8 and it also provides an essential tool for conservation planning and prioritization.

In 2008, we produced the first ever list of globally threatened medicinal plants to guide conservation action, we have identified important areas for medicinal plant conservation in 5 countries and carried out surveys on the sustainable use of medicinal and nutritional plants in China, Brazil, Mexico and India.

In 2008, we also produced a leading report on ‘Plants and Climate Change’ and we then ensured that climate change was fully reflected in revised targets for the GSPC in 2010.

North American Collections Assessment

Make your collections count! BGCI uses PlantSearch to monitor progress toward the GSPC Target 8 (At least 75% of threatened plants in ex situ collections...). Learn more here about ex situ collections progress in North America.



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January 2011

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