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08 Dec : Does your garden have any Theaceae species? We need your help!
30 Nov : The Marsh Awards 2016 for International Plant Conservation and for Botanic Garden Education
22 Nov : RBG Victoria becomes BGCI Patron Member
11 Nov : Seed Conservation Course in Panama
01 Nov : Cornell Board of Trustees approves ‘Cornell Botanic Gardens’ naming
24 Oct : Content developer required
24 Oct : New IUCN Specialist Group on seed banking to be established
24 Oct : Hurricane Matthew Destroys Botanical Garden of Cayes in Haiti
21 Oct : Sharing and growing - MoU Signed between BGCI and CETAF
21 Oct : Botanical Bridges - a conference of the Caribbean and Central American Botanic Garden Network
05 Oct : Pre-publication orders of the Trees & Shrubs of Mozambique
30 Sep : BGCI-US appoints Abby Hird Meyer as Interim Director
30 Sep : BGCI US to partner with Montgomery Botanical Center and other member gardens to protect trees
12 Sep : Call for Expressions of Interest to host 7GBGC
09 Sep : BGCI publishes the next two chapters of its new botanic garden management manual
09 Sep : BGCI welcomes the South China Botanical Garden as a Patron Member
26 Aug : Join us for the next ERA public symposium in Xalapa, Mexico, 29th November 2016
23 Aug : IUCN World Conservation Congress sessions to look out for
19 Aug : North America’s Gardens Unite to Protect Plants
18 Aug : Laos' first botanic garden opening soon
08 Aug : Oaks of the Americas Conservation Network
27 Jul : Announcing the 6th Global Botanic Gardens Congress
11 Jul : Be a Part of Pha Tad Ke’s Future!
07 Jul : Call for nominations - Marsh Awards
06 Jul : BGCI welcomes Shanghai Botanical Garden as a new Patron Member
27 Jun : BGCI launches new project to save Malawi's national tree
23 Jun : BGCI is recruiting a SEABG Network Coordinator
16 Jun : Join in Faial Botanical Garden's 30th birthday celebrations
14 Jun : Banking on the future. Gene Conservation of Forest Trees Conference. Chicago, USA. May 16-19, 2016
13 Jun : Un jardin botanique francophone à Binh Duong
10 Jun : India Seed Conservation Workshop
26 May : Opportunity to conserve plants: Princeville Botanical Garden
23 May : First Congress of Botanic Gardens in South America
13 May : Communities in Nature Webinars #1: Making your Garden Accessible with Ian Edwards
13 May : A Big Picnic kicks-off across Europe and in Africa
19 Apr : Communities in Nature webinars
14 Apr : Training course on Modern Plant Conservation Techniques in Fiji
29 Mar : Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden becomes a BGCI Patron Member
25 Mar : Center for Plant Conservation and San Diego Zoo Global Announce New Partnership
24 Mar : BGCI and RBGE support conservation of Bhutan's Sacred Cypress
21 Mar : Building Capacity for Forest Restoration in East Africa
18 Mar : Half of the world’s magnificent magnolias are threatened with extinction
16 Mar : Calling all intrepid botanists
07 Mar : Botanic gardens and CITES
03 Mar : BGCI publishes the first Global Survey of Ex situ Ebony Collections
11 Feb : Let It Grow Campaign's website launch
10 Feb : BGCI International Advisory Council meeting announced for May
09 Feb : £200k funding for Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh to save Tanzanian forests
02 Feb : First Technical Training for Species with Extremely Small Populations Held in Yunnan Province
02 Feb : More than 180 new plant species discovered by Missouri scientists in 2015
12 Jan : New Ex situ Cycad Guide published
06 Jan : Does your garden have any species of Magnolias? We need your help!