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14 Dec : Lessons learnt from the uptake of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation
25 Nov : European Red List of Vascular Plants published
14 Nov : BGCI publishes a 'Guide to the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation'
10 Nov : BGCI signs Memorandum of Understanding with CBD Secretariat
10 Nov : Another leap towards the Barometer of Life
01 Nov : Towards a National Botanic Garden in Haiti
27 Oct : New research helps boost conservation of Mexican cloud forests
24 Oct : New support for BGCI's work in Africa
14 Oct : Make your own plant books - a world first for on-line publishing
19 Sep : Missouri Botanical Garden awards Greensfelder medal to Beth M. Rothschild
16 Sep : Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to return to Australia
16 Sep : A new National Botanical Garden for Haiti?
13 Sep : Survey of Japanese threatened plants in UK gardens
07 Sep : Vanishing Acts: Trees Under Threat
31 Aug : GBIF data network helps map plants used in Aboriginal medicine
30 Aug : One hundred important questions facing plant science research
25 Aug : BGCI BirdFair raffle winners announced
17 Aug : Winners announced in UN writing competition to save forests
16 Aug : GSPC Target 13 manual published by Red Latinoamericana de Botánica
15 Aug : International Botanical Congress gives strong support for the updated GSPC
29 Jul : What medicinal secrets are hidden in a pot of honey?
29 Jul : The end of the botany degree in the UK?
26 Jul : World Bank Approves US$13 million Project on REDD+ in the Congo Basin
26 Jul : New manual published by the Red Latinoamericana de Botanica
20 Jul : Miscanthus (Elephant Grass) in Bio-fuel Project
19 Jul : Imminent Publication: The Biology of Island Floras
19 Jul : Dates of BGCI 5th Global Botanic Gardens Congress in 2013
19 Jul : New Publication: Biodiversity and Poverty - Ten Frequently Asked Questions – Ten Policy Implications
18 Jul : Report from XI Symposium of the Ibero-Macaronesian Association of Botanic Gardens, June 2011
18 Jul : Tree Propagation Techniques for Threatened Tree Species?
13 Jul : Call for Research Proposals: Conservation of Forest Trees and Use of Forest Genetic Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa
13 Jul : Botanic Gardens in Plant Conservation Radio Programme
12 Jul : New book: The Conscientious Gardener
04 Jul : Join the Photo Campaign for Endangered Species
04 Jul : Botanical Art Exhibition Crosses Atlantic
04 Jul : Young Gardeners Wanted for TV Series
29 Jun : Calendar for International Year of Forests
29 Jun : New Report on The State of Europe's Forests; Forest Treaty Promised
29 Jun : See the One-Tonne Carbon Tree
29 Jun : Financial Times Says Plant Science is 'Hot'
28 Jun : Birds and bats in your botanic garden?
28 Jun : Montane Wildflower Study Shows Changing Landscape
22 Jun : Brownsea Island Holds Raffle to Cut Last Rhododendron
22 Jun : CBD Newsletter for Civil Society - "Square Brackets"
22 Jun : Lessons for REDD+ from the Clean Development Mechanism?
22 Jun : Nagoya Protocol Implementation Fund for Developing Countries
22 Jun : CBD Invites Collaboration to Address Invasive Alien Species on Islands
22 Jun : A Quarter of Rhododendron Species Under Threat
22 Jun : IUCN Red List Update June 2011
08 Jun : Last chance to complete survey on management structures of botanic gardens
07 Jun : Fire at El Charco Del Ingenio Botanic Garden in Guanajuato, Mexico
07 Jun : New Botany Series on BBC TV features Director of Oxford Botanic Garden
06 Jun : Almost extinct palm blooms, after 29 years
06 Jun : New Guide on REDD-plus and Biodiversity by CBD Secretariat
06 Jun : New training resources for forestry practitioners, lecturers, trainers and students
01 Jun : New Website for Australian Seed Bank Partnership
01 Jun : Extinct Orchid Rediscovered in Mauritius
25 May : QR Codes for Horticulture and Botanic Gardens?
25 May : UN-REDD Newsletter Highlights Cross-Regional REDD+ Learning and Exchange
25 May : Conference Proceedings: Beauty of Sourcing with Respect 2011
25 May : New Biocultural Heritage Website Launched
25 May : Brazilian Forest Campaigner Killed
25 May : Botanic Garden Awarded Gold Medal at Chelsea Flower Show (UK)
24 May : Global Strategy for Plant Conservation Conference
17 May : Jewellery Designer Leanne Guthrie Partners With BGCI
16 May : Bamboo Flowering at Pisa Botanic Gardens (Italy)
16 May : International Biodiversity Day (22 May 2011)
09 May : Biodiversity Awareness Increases Interntionally
09 May : EU Commission Adopts New Biodiversity Action Plan
09 May : United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative reports on REDD+
05 May : The Morton Arboretum launches ArbNet, a new online community of arboreta
04 May : Botanic Gardens Co-operate on Palm Exhibition
04 May : BGCI and CBD Secretariat sign new agreement
27 Apr : New plant laboratory opens at Cambridge University Botanical Gardens (UK)
27 Apr : Plants with Anti-Malarial Properties Under Threat
26 Apr : African Field Trip Report by BGCI General Secretary Sara Oldfield
26 Apr : Historic Italian Botanic Garden Subject of New Film
20 Apr : Playing the conservation tune: concert for sustainably produced instruments
20 Apr : Research to improve the management of botanic gardens; you can help
20 Apr : The Botanic Garden Design Competition Winners are ...
20 Apr : New publication: Guide to Corporate Ecosystem Valuation
18 Apr : CBD Releases Report on REDD+ and Biodiversity Safeguards Workshop in Asia-Pacific
13 Apr : Fuelling the debate on Access and Benefit Sharing
13 Apr : Closure of the Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP)
12 Apr : Proceedings published for the First International Symposium of Shanghai Censham Botanical Garden
12 Apr : Winner of Fairchild Challenge/BGCI Global Option announced
11 Apr : New International Declaration for Ecological Restoration by Botanic Gardens
23 Mar : Charity Poetry Competition: $10,000 prize
23 Mar : New Publication: Invasive and Introduced Plants and Animals - Human Perceptions, Attitudes and Approaches to Management
23 Mar : Call for papers: XIII Annual Bioecon Conference on Resource Economics, Biodiversity Conservation and Development
23 Mar : Forest Magazine Features "Communicating Forest Values" and "Attending to Gender"
23 Mar : New paper: Outstanding Issues on ABS under the Multilateral System
23 Mar : BGCI Responds to Introduction of Alien Species Paper
23 Mar : Expanded Reporting of Global Species Banking
16 Mar : New BGCI Report: Botanic Gardens, Endangered Trees and Reforestation in Africa
14 Mar : Updated study: CDM Carbon Sink Tree Plantations - A case study in Tanzania
14 Mar : New publication: 'Biodiversity and Livelihoods: REDD-plus'
14 Mar : Proceedings of Zoo's Conference Published: Botanic Gardens Included
07 Mar : Innovative art exhibition at The Morton Arboretum, Illinois, USA
02 Mar : New Zealand Earthquake, Christchurch Botanic Gardens News
02 Mar : Top ten finalists for Fairchild Challenge/BGCI Global Option announced
02 Mar : Sentinel Plant Network survey: Connecting collections and expertise
01 Mar : Conference announcement: Global Partnership for Plant Conservation (GPPC), July 2011
18 Feb : Global Trees Campaign Facebook page reaches 1,002 fans
16 Feb : Global Survey of Ex situ Zelkova Collections
08 Feb : Brazil's online database of plant species hits 94,141 taxa
08 Feb : Call for conference papers: Challenges and Opportunities for Agricultural Intensification of the Humid Highland Systems of sub-Saharan Africa (October 2011)
08 Feb : Proceedings of fifth European Botanic Gardens Congress (EuroGard V) published
07 Feb : Only 39 percent of North American endangered plant species are protected in collections
07 Feb : New publication: A REDD+ manual for botanic gardens
27 Jan : Request for Information: Parasitic Plants
27 Jan : New publication: Discovering New World Orchids
26 Jan : Online Survey for GSPC Toolkit (Global Strategy for Plant Conservation)
21 Jan : International Union for Conservation of Nature reviews 'The Big Plan' [for biodiversity]
21 Jan : Global Temperature for 2010, Second Warmest on Record
21 Jan : Call for papers: 2011 International Biodiversity Conference
19 Jan : Call for papers: European Association of Environmental & Resource Economists Conference 2011
14 Jan : Snowdrop weekends at Chelsea Physic Garden (London, UK) February 5/6 and 12/13 2011
14 Jan : Conference: From Crop to Cure (London, UK; 29 March 2011)
04 Jan : CBE for Services to Plant Conservation