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22 Dec : Australia's botanic gardens fight climate change
15 Dec : Canada’s botanic gardens network meets to discuss plant conservation
15 Dec : Gala Benefit Dinner in aid of BGCI's Southeast Asia programme
12 Dec : Meeting of West Africa Botanic Gardens Network (WABGNET), Abuja, Nigeria
01 Dec : Plants as plates at Oman Botanic Garden!
05 Nov : Beyond the greenhouse: Botanic Gardens in Nature
03 Nov : Singapore Botanic Garden hosts Plants for Life Gala Benefit Dinner for BGCI
17 Oct : Securing ex situ collections of Critically Endangered and Endangered Quercus
22 Sep : New study emphasises importance of undisturbed old-growth forest
05 Sep : Famous Amorphophalus titanum 'flowers' twice in Meise!
28 Aug : Climate change threat to Lebanon's emblematic cedar trees
21 Aug : Jardín Botánico Francisco Javier Clavijero at the World Botanic Gardens Exhibition, Beijing, China
14 Aug : New study predicts 1 in 5 of Germany's plant species could lose parts of their current range
12 Aug : 2nd World Botanic Gardens Scientific Congress - Challenges in Botanical Research and Climate Change
08 Aug : Omani Botanic Garden shifts 50,000 plants to their new home
08 Aug : Everett Children's Adventure Garden Celebrates 10 Years
06 Aug : World Botanic Garden Exhibition at the Olympic Games!
18 Jul : Oman Botanic Garden shifts 50,000 plants to their new home
11 Jul : Access and Benefit Sharing: Good Practice for Academic Research on Genetic Resources
09 Jul : Global Cactus Assessment underway
09 Jul : Saving wild plants for food and medicine
20 Jun : Community Projects save the cactus in Mexico
18 Jun : Extinction of medicinal plants threatens drug discovery
13 Jun : Goodbye to bottles for Chicago Botanic Gardens
06 Jun : The travelling exhibition of bananas!
06 Jun : New environmentally state of the art visitor centre for Dawyck Botanic Gardens
06 Jun : The 9th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
30 May : Australian National Forum on Climate Change Education and Awareness
29 May : The Paul Jovet Botanical Garden opens its doors
29 May : International Garden Photographer of the Year
16 May : National Botanic Gardens Day Celebrations in Mexico
22 Apr : Get Snapping for the International Garden Photographer of the Year
22 Apr : New Exhibit Shares the Story of How Plants Use Sugar to Build Life
21 Apr : Get ready for the Olympics
11 Apr : Blazing a trail in Lyon Botanic Garden
08 Apr : Connecting Schools to Nature
03 Apr : International Year of the Potato -2008
03 Apr : 9-Metre Sculpture of Wild Rice Arrives at FAO headquarters
26 Mar : Examining the Role of Botanic Gardens in the 21st Century
19 Mar : BGJournal: Conserving Forest Diversity
11 Mar : Thousands of Trees at Risk of Extinction
10 Mar : Celebrations for Biodiversity in Nepal
10 Mar : Global Seed Vault Opens Door to 100 Million Seeds
19 Feb : New Sites Poised to Take on The Fairchild Challenge
11 Feb : New Keeper for Kew’s Historic Herbarium
05 Feb : DNA ‘Barcode’ Found in Plants
04 Feb : China Comes to Scotland with Spring Lantern Festival
30 Jan : Noah’s Ark of Tropical Plants established in Taiwan
21 Jan : Extraordinary Giant Palm Found in Madagascar
16 Jan : ‘Miracle’ Cures Face Extinction
15 Jan : Virtual Field Trips Link Students and Plants Further Afield
07 Jan : Andean Bamboo Living Collections for Urban Ecuador
05 Jan : Congress Announced as 2010 Deadline Approaches