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Found 114 botanic gardens.

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# Institution Name City State
1 Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute Apatity Murmansk region
2 Dendropark of the Northern Research Institute of Forestry Arkhangelsk
3 Dendropark of the Technical University Arkhangelsk
4 Altai State University Botanic Garden / Алтайский государственный университет Barnaul Atlai krai
5 Dendrogarden of the Siberian Res. Hort. Institute Barnaul
6 Botanical Garden of Belgorod State University Belgorod
7 Botanical Garden of the Belgorod State National Research University Belgorod
8 Dendropark of I.V. Michurin Berdsk
9 Amur Botanical Garden / Амурский ботанический сад Blagoveshensk
10 The Botanical Garden and Arboretum Bryansk
11 Cheboksary Botanical Garden Cheboksary
12 Cheboksary Branch of the Main Botanical Garden Cheboksary
13 Botanical Garden of Chelyabinsk State University / ???????????? ??? ???????????? ?. ????. Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk oblast
14 Trans-Baikal Botanical Garden / Забайкальский ботанический сад Chita
15 Dendropark of Sachalin Forestry Station Dolinsk
16 Botanical Garden of the Urals Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Ekaterinburg
17 Sverdlovsk Dendrological Park Ekaterinburg
18 Ural State University Botanical Garden Ekaterinburg
19 Uralsky Garden of Medical Cultures Ekaterinburg
20 Administracia Ocobo Ohraniaemyh Teritoriy Essentuki
21 Arboretum Giaginskiy
22 Botanical Garden Gorky State University Gorky
23 Gorno-Altai Botanical Garden / Горно-Алтайский ботанический сад Gorno-Altai Atlai krai
24 Botanical Garden Checheno-Ingush Pedagogic Institute Grozny
25 Botanical Garden of Irkutsk State University / Ботанический сад Иркутский госуниверситет Irkutsk Irkutsk oblast
26 Dendrological Garden VNIILM Ivanteyevka
27 Botanical Garden of Udmurtija State University / Ботанический сад Удмуртский госуниверситет Izgevsk Udmurt republic
28 The Botanical Garden of the Pedagogical Institute Jaroslavl
29 Botanical Garden Kalinin Kalinin
30 Botanical Garden of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University / Ботанический сад БФУ имени И. Канта Kaliningrad Kaliningrad oblast
31 Arboretum of the Research Institute of Kamyshin
32 Botanic Garden of Kazan State University Kazan
33 Kazan Zoobotanic Garden Kazan
34 Arboretum Khabarovsk
35 Botanic Gardens Kirov Pedagogical Institute Kirov
36 Dendrologial Park Kluchevskoi
37 The Dendrarium Kubansk Agricultural Institute Krasnodar
38 The Kubansk State University Botanical Garden Krasnodar
39 V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest SB RAS, Federal Research Center 'Krasnoyarsk Science Center' SB RA Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsky krai
40 Botanical Garden Kursk Kursk
41 Forest Steppe Experimental Plant Breeding Station Lipetsk
42 Botanic Garden of the Bioproblem Institute Magadan
43 Mountain Botanical Garden of the Dagestan Scientific Centre / ?????? ???????????? ??? ??? ??? Makhachkala Republic of Dagestan
44 Botanical Garden of Adiygeja State University / Ботанический сад Адыгейского госуниверситета Maykop Republic of Adygeya
45 Dendrological Park Meshcherskoje
46 Botanic Garden of Scientific-Production Unity Moscow
47 Botanical Garden of Moscow Palace of Pioneers Moscow Moscow
48 Botanical Garden of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow Medical University Moscow
49 Botanical Garden,All-Russian Research Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (VILAR) Moscow Moscow oblast
50 Main Botanical Garden, Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow
51 Moscow State University Apothecary Garden / Ботанический сад МГУ «Аптекарский огород» Moscow Moscow oblast
52 Moscow State University Botanical Garden Moscow Moscow oblast
53 S.I. Rostovtsev Botanical Garden Moscow Moscow oblast
54 Hortus Botanicus Kabardino-Balkar State Farm Nalchik
55 Botanical Garden Kabardino-Balkars Naltchik
56 Botanical Garden of Nizhny Novgorod State University / Ботанический сад Нижегородского г. унив. Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod oblast
57 The Botanical Garden Novo-aleksandrovsk
58 Botanic Gardens of Experimental Forestry Novosibirsk
59 Central Siberian Botanical Garden, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Oblast
60 Novosibirsk Dendropark Novosibirsk
61 Arboretum Sovhoz 'Dekorativnyje Kultury' Omsk
62 The Botanical Garden, Agricultural Institute Omsk
63 Botanical Garden of Penza Agricultural Institute Penza
64 The Botanical Garden of the Pedagogical Institute Penza
65 Arboretum of Pereslavi PERESLAVL' ZALESSKLY
66 The State University Botanical Garden Perm
67 Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University Petrozavodsk Karelia
68 Arboretum Perkal Botanical Institute Pyatigorsk
69 Botanical Garden of Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy Pyatigorsk Stavropolskij Krai
70 Botanical Garden of Rodniki Anti-Tuberculosis Health Centre Rodnikovskiy region Ivanovskaia oblast
71 Botanical Garden of the Tuberculosis Clinic Rodnyky
72 Botanical Garden of the Southern Federal University / Ботанический сад Южного Федерального университ Rostov-on-Don Rostov oblast
73 The Botanical Garden State University Samara
74 Mordovskaya State University Botanical Garden / Ботанический сад Мордовский госуниверситет Saransk Republic of Mordovia
75 Arboretum of Saratov Institute of Agriculture Saratov
76 Saratov State University Botanic Garden Saratov
77 Dendrarium 'Belye Nochi' Sochi
78 Dendrologial Park 'South Cultures' Sochi
79 Dendrologial Park of the M.V. Frunze Sanatorium Sochi
80 Parks of Large Sochi Sochi
81 Research Institute of Mountain Forestry and Sochi
82 Botanic Garden of the Solovki History Solovki
83 Botanical Garden of Solovetzkiy Solovkii
84 All Russian N.I. Vavilov Research Institute Botanic Garden St Petersburg
85 Botanic Garden of St. Petersburg Forestry Academy / Ботанический сад Санкт-Петербургской лесотехни St. Petersburg Leningrad oblast
86 Botanical Garden of St. Petersburg State University / Ботанический сад СПбГУ St. Petersburg Leningrad oblast
87 Botanical Garden of the V.L. Komarov Botanical Institute / ???????????? ???????? ??. ?.?.???????? St. Petersburg Leningrad oblast
88 Stavropol Botanical Garden STAVROPOL
89 Botanic Garden Suktuvkar
90 The Dendrarium Svobodnyy
91 Botanic Garden of Syktyvkar State University Syktyvkar
92 The Botanical Garden of the Biological Institute Syktyvkar
93 The Botanical Garden of the Biological Institute Syktyvkar
94 Dendrological Park of Volga-Kama State Preserve Tatarstan
95 Siberian Botanical Garden of Tomsk State University / Сибирский Ботанический сад ТГУ Tomsk Tomsk oblast
96 Station of Northern Horticulture Tomsk
97 Botanic Garden of Tver State University Tver
98 Botanical Garden-Institute, Ufa Research Center / ????????????? ????-????????? ??? ??? Ufa Republic of Bashkortostan
99 Gornotaietchna Station Ussuriysk
100 Botanic Garden of the Gorskiy Agricultural University Vladikavkaz
101 Botanical Garden-Institute of the Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Science Vladivostok
102 Arboretum of the All-Union Institute of Volgograd
103 Arboretum of the Lenin Channel Volgograd
104 Botanical Garden of Volgograd State Pedagogical University Volgograd
105 Volgograd Regional Botanical Garden Volgograd
106 Botanic Garden Botanika Vologda Vologda Region
107 The B.M. Kozo-Polyansky Botanical Garden of Voronezh State University Voronezh Voronezh oblast
108 Botanical Garden of the North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) / Ботанический сад Северо-Восточног Yakutsk Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
109 Yakut Botanical Garden / Якутский ботанический сад Yakutsk Sakha (Yakutia) Republic
110 Botanic Garden of Yaroslavl State University / ???????????? ??? ??????????? ?????????????? Yaroslavl Yaroslavl oblast
111 Botanical Garden - Institute of the Volga State Technological University / ???????????? ??? ??????? Yoshkar-Ola Mari El republic
112 Sakhalin Botanical Garden / ??????????? ???????????? ??? ??? ??? Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Sakhalin oblast
113 Botanical Garden of the Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture of Khakassia Zelenoe Republic of Khakassia
114 Khakas Arboretum Zelenoye

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