BGCI & PlantSnap Covid-19 Appeal

BGCI and PlantSnap need your help to support botanic gardens during this difficult time!

BGCI has teamed up with PlantSnap, the plant identification app, to help botanic gardens to engage with their audiences, and to provide support to members of our botanic garden community that have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Until this crisis is over, BGCI will provide a copy of the PlantSnap Premium App (Apple or Google Play) to anyone who donates above £20 ($20 or €20). Donations will be distributed to the Global Botanic Garden Fund, where small botanic gardens and arboreta that need it the most will be able to apply for grants of up to $2,500 to support plant conservation efforts at their garden or to cover the impact of COVID-19 by funding essential activities and needs, including plant care, staff time and consumables.

While many of us can (and should) stay home to prevent the spread of the disease, the rare and threatened plants found in botanic gardens and arboreta across the world need care and maintenance in order to survive. This means that many of our colleagues across the world are risking their own health and safety to ensure that we do not lose the planet’s incredible plant diversity – one third of which is found in botanic gardens.

As a thank you for all donations above £20 ($20 or €20) BGCI and PlantSnap will provide the donor with a copy of the PlantSnap Pro App (normally $/£/€ 19.99). PlantSnap is the most technologically advanced, comprehensive and accurate plant identification app ever created. It gives you a whole new way to explore the natural world in your everyday life. Use it in your garden or during your social distancing exercises! 

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