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The Nairobi Arboretum, Kenya - a Tree Walk

Volume 2 Number 3 - May 1994

Friends of Nairobi Arboretum (FONA)

The Nairobi Arboretum covers some 70 acres, lying between State House Gardens and the Kirichwa River in Kileleshwa. Begun in 1907 by Mr Battiscombe of the Forest Department, it was in the early years used for trials of introduced trees. Later, Mr Gardner brought in many more ornamental trees from all over the tropical world, especially Australia.

On the original plot there would have been many indigenous trees and shrubs which have continued to grow there. Other native trees were brought in from other parts of Kenya, even from the coast. Today we have a rich collection of plants that attracts birds and butterflies and even small mammals such as monkeys and squirrels.