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Proceedings of the 1st International Congress on Education in Botanic Gardens

A Natural Environment for Learning

University of Utrecht Botanic Garden, The Netherlands, 1991

Foreword and Introduction PDF 1.1MB

Julia Willison (BGCI)

Part 1 – Policy and Planning

Aims and Educational Policy of the Dutch Botanic Garden Foundation PDF 0.5 MB
K Verhoeff, Ministry of Agriculture, The Hague, The Netherlands

Networking: Key to Tommorow PDF 0.5MB
H. Van Ginkel, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

The Background for Education in Botanic Gardens PDF 1 MB
Vernon Heywood, BGCI, Richmond, UK

Public Relations for a Living Museum PDF 0.8MB
Didier Roguet, Geneva Botanic Garden, Swtizerland

Environment and Handicap – Increasing the Participation of Handicapped People
Herman Berteler, The Netherlands PDF 0.9MB

The Multicultural City Ecosystem PDF 1.4MB
Julian Agyeman, Education Service, Barnsbury Complex, London, UK

A Centre for Botanical Education at Leiden PDF 0.6MB
Leslie Tjon Sie Fat, Leiden University Botanic Garden, The Netherlands

The Role of Indonesian Botanic Gardens in Education and Tourism PDF 0.8MB
Suhirman, Botanic Gardens of Indonesia, Bogor, Indonesia

Part 2 Case Studies

More than a Tree Grows in Brooklyn PDF 2.2MB
Lucy Jones, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York, USA

The Environmental Education Programme of the Jardin Botanico Canario “ Viera y Clavijo” PDF 0.9MB
David Bramwell, “Viera y Clavijo” Botanic Garden, Las Palmas, Spain

A Visitor’s Garden PDF 1.8MB
Leslie Bisset, University of Dundee Botanic Garden, Scotland

Australian Botanic Gardens – a Resource for Environmental Education PDF 1.5MB
Julie Foster, National Botanic Gardens of Australia, Canberra, Australia

The Role of Public Information and Education in Promoting the Importance of Nature – a Responsibility of Botanic Gardens
Edelmira Linares, IB-UNAM Botanic Gardens, Mexico PDF 2 MB

Part 3 – Practical Workshops

The Scent Trail PDF 1 MB
Jaap Vos, Utrecht Botanic Gardens, The Netherlands

You Taste where it Comes From PDF 0.8 MB
Jaap Vos, Utrecht Botanic Gardens, The Netherlands

The Sculpture Trail, Education and Arts in the Garden PDF 1 MB
Jaap Vos, Utrecht Botanic Gardens, The Netherlands

Kumquat in Motion – Changing Dietary Habits in Limburg in Relation to a Changing Environment PDF 0.8MB
A Heijnen, Foundation Botanic Garden, Kerkrade, the Netherlands

How can we get more Young People Interested in Plants? PDF 0.5 MB
Richard Price, Science and Plants for Schools, Cambridge, UK

Green Inheritance Workshops – Chinese Herbalist and Ring-o-Roses PDF 0.6 MB
Ian Edwards & Ruth Taylor, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh & Chelsea Physic Garden, UK

Vegetables, a Hands-on Project PDF 1.6 MB
Renate Groethe, Schulbiologiezentrum, Germany

Multicultural Horticulture – the Educational Use of Plants in a Multicultural Society
Trevor Roach, Norwood Hall Institute of Horticultural Education, UK PDF 2.3 MB

Wrapping – an Alternative Approach to Design and Technology PDF 0.4 MB
Dawn Sanders, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK

Meet a Tree PDF 0.4 MB
Stans van der Veen, Leiden University Botanic Garden, The Netherlands