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BGjournalBGjournal is the worldwide journal of botanic garden conservation.

It covers a range of detailed content including in-depth features, congress reports, profiles of gardens and case studies of conservation work being carried out in gardens around the world.

Produced bi-annually this publication was formerly called BGCNews. There were 31 issues of BGCNews published twice yearly from 1987-2003. You can browse the BGCNews archives here.

The latest issue - Vol 14(1) - themed on "Red lists: plant conservation assessments and the role of botanic gardens", has been sent to BGCI members. If you are a member and have not recieved it, please contact

Past Issues

Vol 15 (1) January 2018 - Botanic gardens and their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

This issue of BGjournal highlights the intersections between plant diversity and sustainable development and shows how botanic gardens are successfully addressing this interface.  The articles provide some inspiring examples from around the world, illustrating how the work of botanic gardens is helping broader society to live more sustainably.  In one way or another, botanic gardens are addressing almost all the Sustainable Development Goals.

Vol 14 (2) July 2017 - Conservation horticulture: Making a garden a botanic garden

With a focus on conservation horticulture, this edition of BGjournal highlights the importance of the specialist skills required to grow a wider range of plant species and celebrates the horticulturists with such skills and the institutions that value them. We feature the Conservatory and Botanical Garden of the City of Geneva, the host of the 6th Global Botanic Gardens Congress, and our regular plant hunting tale centres on a new species of Hibiscus in Fiji.


Vol 14 (1) January 2017 - Red lists: Plant conservation assessments and the role of botanic gardens.

This issue of BGjournal focuses on red listing and conservation assessments.  The articles illustrate the ways in which botanic gardens around the world are contributing to an increased understanding of which plant - and also fungal - species are under threat, and where.  The issue also includes our regular plant hunting feature - which describes the search for an extremely rare tree in Tanzania - and highlights the work of South China Botanic Garden.

Vol 13 (2) July 2016 - Restoring damaged ecosystems: The role of botanic gardens and the Ecological Restoration Alliance of Botanic Gardens.

This issue of BGjournal facuses on the theory and practice of ecological restoration. The journal includes articles from members of the Ecological Restoration Alliance of botanic gardens (ERA), a global consortium of botanic gardens that are committed to scaling up the restoration of damged, degraded and destroyed ecosystems around the world.

Vol 13 (1) January 2016 - Early warning systems for plant health: The role of botanic gardens

Botanic gardens are custodians of a wide range of plants, frequently growing these outside their natural geographic origns. By developing pest and disease surveillance skills, such gardens can help in gathering evidence needed for analysing the risk a pest poses to plant species around the world.

Vol 12 (2) July 2015 - Tree conservation and the role of botanic gardens.

It is estimated that there are around 80,000 tree species in the world, of which less than 10% are reported to be used, and an as yet unknown number are under threat of extinction. This issue of BGjournal focuses on the role of botanic gardens and arboreta in conserving tree diversity, both ex situ, and in the wild. 


Vol 12 (1) Jan 2015 - Botanic gardens and seed conservation: Making progress towards GSPC Target 8.

This issue focuses on botanic gardens and their involvement in plant conservation through seed banking. Seed is an essential tool for conservation, restoration and reintroduction. BGCI carried out a global review of botanic gardens banking seed featured in this BGjournal. This issue also has exciting projects from individual gardens banking seed.

Vol 11 (2) July 2014 - Botanic gardens: using databases to support plant conservation.

The defining feature of botanic gardens is the maintenance of documented collections. This issue of BGjournal focuses on the use of databases, not just a collection management tool, but also to support the wide spectrum of plant conservation efforts that botanic gardens are involved in.


 Vol 11 (1) January 2014 - Exploring energy gardens: Botanic Gardens and biofuels

This issue focuses on bioenergy and the role of botanic gardens.  Articles describe some of the innovative ways in which botanic gardens are addressing the biofuel debate – from running education programmes and researching energy plants to producing energy themselves from garden waste.  This issue also includes some exciting designs for energy gardens produced by Landscape Architecture students in the UK. 


 Vol 10 (2) July 2013 - Botanic gardens and food security

Achieving global food security whilst reconciling demands on the environment is considered by many to be one of the greatest challenges facing humankind today. Botanic gardens have long served as repositories for a wide range of plants, including those associated with agriculture and food production, and many are increasingly engaged in activities related to food security. This issue of BGjournal highlights the important contribution botanic gardens around the world are making to addressing food security needs at both local and global levels.


Vol 10 (1) January 2013 - Building capacity for plant conservation - the role of botanic gardens

BGCI is committed to supporting capacity building for plant conservation worldwide. This issue of BGjournal highlights the essential role of botanic gardens in building capacity. The papers illustrate the dynamic international partnerships that are growing in support of global plant conservation action – through exchange of best practice and training.



 Vol 9 (2) July 2012 - Botanic gardens and wild flora for rural livelihoods

Plant diversity is often taken for granted with the fundamental importance of plants in providing oxygen, regulating climate and feeding the world scarcely acknowledged and promoted.  In this issue of Bgjournal, we look at the value of wild plants for livelihoods. We report on a project carried out by BGCI with partners in Brazil, China, India and Mexico that consiidered case studies of sustainable management of wild plants for improved livelihoods.







Vol 9 (1) January 2012 - Science, innovation and pushing boundaries

 This edition of BGjournal describes some of the cutting edge research and new innovative activities going on in botanic gardens today. Articles discuss the latest technologies for ex situ conservation, the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to assist Red list assessments and DNA barcoding as a tool to assist botanic gardens make use of their collections. This issue also discusses a new social new role for botanic gardens and looks at how modern communication technolgies can assist education and public awareness programmes.

BGjournal 8_2

Vol 8 (2) July 2011 - Botanic gardens and invasive alien species 

This issue of BGjournal addresses the important problem of alien invasive species. It looks at the role that botanic gardens can play in helping to control existing invasive species and steps they can take to ensure that they do not cause problems for the future. It is suggested that the extensive plant collections in botanic gardens around the world could form the basis of an International Sentinel Plant Network, supported by BGCI's PlantSearch database.


BGjournal 8.1

Vol 8 (1) January 2010 - International collaboration - Botanic garden partnerships for conservation

 In this issue we focus on international partnerships amongst botanic gardens and between botanic gardens and other institutions working towards biodiversity conservation goals. At a time when financial resources are limited, working together can help to overcome common constraints in delivering research, training, education and action for conservation.

 BGJournal 7.2  Vol 7 (2)  July 2010  - From policy to action: the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation – a conservation success story

In this issue of BGjournal we focus on the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) of the CBD. What has it achieved over the past eight years and what can we expect for its development and implementation in the future? Undoubtedly, there have been huge achievements since the GSPC was first conceived - but despite all our work, huge challenges remain in raising the profile of the importance of plant diversity and the need to generate financial resources to prevent extinction on an unprecedented scale.


BG Journal 7.1

Vol 7 (1) January 2010 - Ex situ conservation: the value of plant collections
This issue of BGJournal focuses on the role of botanic gardens in ex situ conservation.  Are we doing enough and are we doing it well?  How can we ensure that all wild plant species are backed up in well documented ex situ collections, and available for restoration programmes? Various case studies explore how to value national collections and how to revalue collections in light of current issues, such as climate change.

bg journal 6.2 cover

Vol 6 (2) July 2009 - The Challenge of Sustainability
Sustainable development is generally accepted to encompass environmental, social and economic sustainability. Botanic gardens have a role to play in supporting sustainable development as well as looking at their own  sustainability. Considerations of energy and water use are critical at a time of global climate change and financial sustainability is foremost in all our minds. This issue of BGJournal provides case studies of how botanic gardens are tackling various aspects of sustainability around the world. 
 bgjournal 6.1 Vol 6 (1) January 2009  -  Ecological restoration and the role of botanic gardens

Botanic gardens have long played a crucial role in documentation plant diversity and supporting efforts to protect it.  Now, in the face of accelerating climate change and loss of biodiversity, it is clear that repair and restoration of damaged plant communities is needed more than ever before.  With the unique combination of scientific and practical plant-based skills in botanic gardens, they are ideally placed to support a new surge in restoration scienc and management.