BGCI's PlantSnap Initiative

BGCI has partnered with PlantSnap on the creation of possibly the most comprehensive database of plant photos and geolocational data in the world.

What is PlantSnap?

PlantSnap is the most technologically advanced, comprehensive and accurate plant identification app ever created. It gives you a whole new way to explore the natural world in your everyday life.

PlantSnap is a simple way for everyone to play a role in protecting and saving the environment simply by snapping photos of plants. This allows us to map and track every plant on the planet and share this data with scientists. PlantSnap’s open source plant database features 600,000+ plants and 150 million+ plant images. The app recognizes nearly all species encountered in botanical gardens and is available in 37 languages. To date, there have been more than 25 million downloads.

What is BGCI’s PlantSnap Initiative?

This is an opportunity for your garden to collaborate on the creation of possibly the most comprehensive database of plant photos in the world.

BGCI has partnered with PlantSnap so that our member gardens can offer the app to their visitors. Let’s empower garden visitors worldwide to become citizen scientists in their own communities.

BGCI's PlantSnap Initiative Brochure

  • BGCI's PlantSnap Initiative

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What are the benefits of participating?

PlantSnap is a great way to…

Give visitors an interactive experience

Allow visitors to learn about unlabelled plants like ornamentals, and get detailed information about the plant’s taxonomy, habitat, care, and uses.

Understand how people use your garden

Learn which plants and which parts of the garden are most popular using PlantSnap’s Explore Map.

Help more people discover your garden

As users travel nearby, they receive a notification and information about your botanic garden on your featured PlantSnap page.

Show people that interacting with nature can be fun

Inspire visitors to develop a stronger connection to plants in their everyday lives.

Collect photos of your plants taken by visitors

Get access to PlantSnap’s entire repository of plant photos.

Understand more about your visitors

Receive demographic information collected through the app.

Connect with those who love technology

Give them something interactive to do as they stroll the garden and beyond.

Fund botanic garden conservation initiatives worldwide

The more PlantSnap downloads generated by this partnership, the more plant conservation projects can be funded, especially in developing countries.

What’s your role in the project?

As a partner in BGCI’s PlantSnap Initiative, your main role is to actively promote the app to your members and visitors and encourage them to make use of the educational and scientific benefits of diving deep into the importance of plant conservation through PlantSnap. BGCI and PlantSnap will provide a customisable set of marketing content to support your efforts, but ultimately it will be up to you to entice visitors to download the app.

How much does the app cost?

Freemium Version

A free version of the app is the default version.

Premium Version

Visitors can sign up for a premium, ad-free version for 99 cents a month USD.

PlantSnap is available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play. You will be provided with a unique download link that is connected to your garden.

Where do the proceeds go?

10% of the revenue generated by each user associated with a BGCI member garden will be donated to fund plant conservation projects worldwide.

How do you get involved?

  1. Let us know you’re interested by sending an email.
  2. Update your plant list in PlantSearch.
  3. We’ll send an agreement for you to sign.
  4. We’ll do a video call with key people from your team, helping you get a plan together to introduce PlantSnap at your garden.
  5. We’ll send a set of marketing materials you can easily customise including a download link connected to your garden.
  6. We’ll help you launch the app at your garden.
  7. Every month you’ll receive demographic data of all visitors to your garden who download the app, along with all plant images (fully verified and identified) taken by your visitors.
  8. You’ll get ongoing marketing tips to help ensure the success of the app at your garden.

We hope you’ll participate.

It’s never been more important to track plant species worldwide. This is a chance to create a massive, global contingent of citizen scientists. Working together, we can make it happen. For more information, get in touch.