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Global Tree Assessment

The Global Tree Assessment aims to provide conservation assessments of the world’s tree species by 2020.

Despite the importance of trees, many are threatened by over-exploitation and habitat destruction, as well as by pests, diseases, drought and their interaction with global climate change. In order to estimate the impact of such threats to trees there is an urgent need to conduct a complete assessment of the conservation status of the world’s tree species – the Global Tree Assessment.

The Global Tree Assessment aims to provide conservation assessments of all the world’s tree species by 2020. The assessment will identify those tree species that are at greatest risk of extinction. The goal of the Global Tree Assessment is to provide prioritization information to ensure that conservation efforts are directed at the right species so that no tree species becomes extinct.

In order to achieving this target a complete global list of the world’s tree species needs to be generated, GlobalTreeSearch. This list will help us to track progress towards the goal, and be used for gap analysis to set priorities both taxonomically and geographically for conservation assessment efforts.

The Global Tree Assessment is an initiative led by BGCI and the IUCN/SSC Global Tree Specialist Group. Work is ongoing to develop an even more extensive global collaborative partnership, involving the coordinated effort of many institutions and individuals. These steps will enable the Global Tree Assessment to achieve its 2020 target.

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