The Russian Department of the International Council of Botanical Gardens for Plant Conservation (now BGCI) was formed in April 1994. It is based in Moscow at the main botanical garden under the auspices of N.V. Tsitsina of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

BGCI Russia seeks to support wide participation of the associations of the botanical gardens of the countries of the CIS and other states of the region in BGCI activities.

BGCI Russia is a public organization and is run independently from the BGCI Global Office.

You can contact Igor Smirnov by email with your news, jobs, or events for botanic gardens in Russia, or for information on BGCI activities, resources and membership.

Resources from BGCI Russia

  • Building living plant collections to support conservation: a guide for public gardens

    Tree Conservation, Conservation Prioritisation, Services for Botanic Gardens / Publication / English
  • Methodological recommendations for botanic gardens on the reintroduction of rare and threatened plants

    Tree Conservation, Plant Conservation, Policy and Advocacy / Publication / English, Russian