Training and Capacity Building

BGCI supports its membership through training and capacity building workshops and resources.

BGCI training and capacity building include face to face training, follow up workshops, speed training at events and conferences as well as a suite of online resources. BGCI’s training activities cover a wide range of plant conservation and public engagement subjects including:

  • Access and benefit sharing
  • Tree conservation, nursery training and forest restoration
  • Red list assessments
  • Seed conservation
  • Conservation horticulture
  • Interpretation
  • Science communication
  • Working with diverse audiences
  • Evaluation

Training and Workshops

In 2018, BGCI trained 689 people from 220 institutions in 54 countries. Our courses covered a wide range of topics in plant conservation policy, practice and education. For more information please see the 2018 Member’s Review. Where possible training is delivered in the local language, for example in 2019 training courses are being delivered in Spanish, French and Chinese.

Most of the training we deliver is provided as part of our funded project work. Where availability and resources allow, we are happy to discuss developing bespoke training courses for our members (and can provide a member discounted price for this). To discuss your needs please contact Helen Miller.

Promoting the use of plant resources in research and development
Access and Benefit Sharing Darwin project
LearnToEngage evaluation multiplier event 2019 (credit - bgen)
Training in Inquiry-Based Science Education - credit INQUIRE
Indian Ocean Island training course participants from Mauritius, Rodrigues, Reunion and the Seychelles, and trainers from BGCI and Missouri Botanical Garden
Demonstrating seed collecting equipment in Petrin, Mauritius

Online Resources

In addition, we have produced a suite of online resources and publications to support botanic gardens in their practices. This includes e-learning resources, webinars, videos, and manuals. Please visit our resources page for more information or follow the links below to some of our key resources. Many of our resources are also available in multiple languages and you can filter your search by language on our resources page.

BGCI's Botanic Garden Manual

  • BGCI's Manual on Planning, Developing and Managing Botanic Gardens

    Public Engagement, Services for Botanic Gardens, Policy and Advocacy / Publication, Tool / English, Spanish, French

BGCI E-Learning Modules and Webinars

  • ABS Learning Package

    Policy and Advocacy / E-learning module, Tool / English
  • Access and Benefit Sharing Learning Modules

    Policy and Advocacy / E-learning module / English, Spanish, French, Chinese
  • CITES Learning Modules

    Policy and Advocacy / E-learning module / English
  • Communities in Nature Webinars

    Public Engagement / Webinar, Video / English
  • Dipterocarpaceae Conservation Horticulture Learning Modules

    Tree Conservation, Conservation Horticulture, Plant Conservation / E-learning module / English
  • Forest Restoration Learning Modules

    Tree Conservation, Ecological Restoration / E-learning module, Video / English, Spanish, French, Swahili
  • Global Seed Conservation Challenge Advanced Learning Modules

    Seed Conservation / E-learning module, Video / English, French
  • Global Seed Conservation Challenge Learning Modules

    Conservation Prioritisation, Seed Conservation, Policy and Advocacy / E-learning module / English, Spanish, French, Chinese
  • LearnToEngage Module Resources

    Public Engagement / E-learning module / English
  • Red List Learning Modules

    Tree Conservation, Conservation Prioritisation / E-learning module, Video / English, Spanish, French, Chinese