The application process for BGCI Botanic Garden Accreditation involves filling out a questionnaire and providing documented evidence of activities. You will first be asked to share contact information followed by questions focused on the criteria of a BGCI Accredited Botanic Garden.

This application will require you to work with colleagues in different parts of the botanic garden. It is therefore useful to view BGCI’s Accreditation Standards Manual and Evidence Examples.

Those applying to BGCI’s Botanic Garden Accreditation wishing to be considered for ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation will be required to answer additional questions related to their work on woody plant and tree taxa. 

If you decide to take a break or want/need come back to the application at a later time, simply click the “Save and Continue Later” button, copy the URL provided or enter your email address to be sent the URL via email. When you wish to start the application again, simply go to the URL provided.

Should you have any issues or questions during the application process, please contact Brian Lainoff (

Once completed, applications will be reviewed by BGCI. If accredited, we will send you the certificate of accreditation and a logo that you can use to demonstrate that you are a BGCI Accredited Botanic Garden. If you are a non-BGCI member, we will send an invoice to the email provided.

BGCI Botanic Garden Accreditation Application