Prizes will be awarded at BGCI’s next Global Botanic Garden Congress to gardens that excel in seed banking.

There are five prize categories:

  1. Made the greatest progress in seed conservation: Awarded to the institution which is deemed to have made the greatest strides in improving their seed conservation expertise and capacity. Previous winner- Australian PlantBank
  2. Conserved the greatest proportion of threatened species in their collection: Awarded to the institution with the highest proportion of species which are threatened in the wild. Previous winner- Bok Tower Gardens
  3. Conserved the most useful species: Is your species a crop wild relative? Is it edible? Is it medicinal? Is it a food source for wildlife? Is it a timber species? Is it a keystone of the ecosystem? Is it useful for another reason? Let us know! Previous winner- Oman Botanic Gardens
  4. Conserved the most difficult species to collect: Was your species found on top of a mountain, in the middle of a desert, in the depths of a forest? Does it fruit infrequently? Are the seeds hard to collect? Was it difficult to find? Was it difficult to collect for another reason? Let us know! Previous winner- Conservatoire et Jardín botaniques de la Ville de Genève
  5. Conserved the most threatened species: Are there few individuals of the species left in the wild? Is the species threatened by climate change, invasive species or habitat destruction? Did you find a species previously thought to be extinct? Is it the rarest species for another reason? Let us know! Previous winner- Harold. L. Lyon Arboretum

Instructions on how to enter the competition can be found on this page in due course.

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