Plant Conservation

BGCI is working to conserve plant diversity worldwide and tackle the threats that are endangering the survival of many species.


Plant diversity is disappearing at an unprecedented rate as a direct impact of the way humankind uses the world’s natural resources. Our flora is fundamentally important to human life as a source of food, shelter and medicine amongst many other things.

  • Conservation Prioritisation
  • Tree Conservation
  • Seed Conservation
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Exceptional Species
  • Plant Health and Biosecurity
  • Global Conservation Consortia

Conservation Prioritisation

At BGCI, we work on conservation prioritisation by measuring extinction risk through red list assessments.

Tree Conservation

Botanic gardens are ideally placed to lead innovative conservation initiatives for threatened trees around the world.

Seed Conservation

Seed banks provide a safety net against extinction in the wild as well as an invaluable resource for research and the creation of sustainable plant use solutions.
Global Seed Conservation Challenge

Ecological Restoration

Botanic gardens hold a huge amount of valuable knowledge for ecological restoration and have recently come together to form Ecological Restoration Alliance of Botanic Gardens (ERA).

Exceptional Species

Exceptional plant species cannot be conserved by conventional seed banking methods. This includes species whose seed cannot be banked as well as species that don’t produce seed in the wild.

Plant Health and Biosecurity

Globally, the impact of invasive alien species is second only to habitat destruction in terms of the most important cause of biodiversity loss.

Global Conservation Consortia

The Global Conservation Consortia aim to mobilise a coordinated network of institutions and experts to collaboratively develop and implement comprehensive conservation strategies for priority threatened plant groups.

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