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The end of the botany degree in the UK?

29 July 2011

An article pubished recently in the journal Bioscience Education draws attention to the fact that the last opportunity for students to enrol in a pure “Botany” degree in the UK was at  the University of Bristol last year, 2010. In recent years, the University of Reading also offered the Botany degree, but it was dropped there 3 years ago. This article highlights this fact as well as the more general relative decline in the number of students pursuing degrees in plant science as shown in a recent extensive report on the “Uptake of Plant Sciences in the UK” completed in 2009. The article explores potential implications and causes by focusing on third level education, specifically full time degree courses. Findings are related to the preceding secondary school education and succeeding employment market that surround and influence the undergraduate experience.

Read the full article here.

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