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New Biocultural Heritage Website Launched

25 May 2011

The International Institute for Environment and Development have launched a new website about biocultural heritage.

This concept takes into account knowledge and customs of indigenious people in conservation practices that are part of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) targets for 2020 (agreed at Nagoya in Japan in 2010).

Specifically, targets 9 and 13 of the GSPC are related to biocultural heritage:

Objective II; target 9: 70 per cent of the genetic diversity of crops including their wild relatives and other socio-economically valuable plant species conserved, while respecting, preserving and maintaining associated indigenous and local knowledge.

Objective III; target 13: Indigenous and local knowledge innovations and practices associated with plant resources, maintained or increased, as appropriate, to support customary use, sustainable livelihoods, local food security and health care.

The biocultural website (see  is highly recommended and includes a number of case study reports.

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