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Global Trees Campaign Facebook page reaches 1,002 fans

18 February 2011
The number of people following the Global Trees Campaign page on Facebook has reached 1,002, the same as the number of Critically Endangered tree species in the world. This means that for each person who has liked our Facebook page there is an individual tree species so seriously threatened it is likely to go extinct unless urgent action is taken.  The Global Trees Campaign, a partnership between Fauna & Flora International and Botanic Gardens Conservation International is working through our in country partners to take that action, to secure the future of the world's threatened tree species and their benefits for humans and the wider enviroment.


If you are not one of the 1,002 then please visit and click 'like' to follow us and show your support for threatened tree conservation -  the next target for GTC on Facebook is 8,000 followers, the same as the total number of threatened tree species in the world.  For more information about the Global Trees Campaign please visit our website


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