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Do you use plant names or species names, in general?

20 October 2009

If so, this is your opportunity to help shape the future development of the Catalogue by providing feedback on the new services and improvements you would like to see.  So, please spare us 15 minutes to complete the survey before the closing date of Friday 8th January 2010.

You can find the survey here:

Did you know that the Catalogue of Life is a dynamically updated index of validated scientific names, synonyms and common names integrated within a single taxonomic hierarchy?  It currently contains details on over 1.1 million species of plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms; some 60% of the anticipated total of 1.8 million presently known species worldwide.

With funding from the European Commission, the 4D4Life Project aims to establish the Catalogue of Life as a state of the art facility providing an exciting array of new services and improvements to the software systems.  An important element of the project is the user-driven enhancements in the presentation of the species data that are planned during the next three years.

If you haven’t already done so, please have a look at the Catalogue:

Further information about the project can be found at:


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