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Bali Medicinal Plants

15 October 2007

Balinese traditional medical treatment is known as "Usada". The term comes from a Sanskrit word "Ausadhi", meaning plants that are used for medicinal purposes.

There are more than 491 species of medicinal plant in Bali. These Balinese medicinal plants hold valuable potential for global medicinal plant biodiversity. A worrying trend of the extinction of many of these Balinese medicinal plants has become a concern at the Eka Karya Bali Botanic Garden.

Saving Medicinal Plants  

Taman Usada has recently been established in Bali Botanic Garden. This Taman Usada represents the conservation efforts of Bali Botanic Garden to save Balinese medicinal plants.

Taman Usada was built in mid-2005 to acquire the need for collection, research,  education, and recreation. The design concept of this Taman Usada is taking a form in a circle, symbolize the meaning of a "circle of life".

Taman Usada covers 1600 m2 and already has more than 170 medicinal plant species collection or approximately 35% of the total 491 species of Balinese medicinal plant.  A series of expeditions have been conducted to all of the eight districts in Bali to add to the collection.

The Taman Usada is supported by Ecotourism activity, to increase public awareness. Many public societies, college students, researchers and an interested foreigners come to Taman Usada and our research staff are happy to give them the information that they need. In the future we hope to give the best service to the public regarding the Balinese medicinal plant conservation.

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